Resolved: 2017 Is Going to Be My Best Year Ever!

This Sunday, it finally arrives. Out with the old and in with the new! Welcome to 2017. The year 2016 was, if nothing else, a year that will go down as very interesting. For a lot of us though it’s one we may like to just forget about entirely and try to move on.

Like everyone else, I plan to make new year's resolutions for 2017. Here's how to stay focused and accomplish your goals, not lose sight of them.

New Year’s Resolutions

Every year that I can ever remember, I always start out with the idea that things in the new year are going to be great. I mean, it’s a clean slate, isn’t it?  I think we all feel that way whether we verbalize it or not. It’s even in the images we see about the new year like when the beautiful little baby comes into the picture and the old man creeps off as the image of the passage of time drifts in our heads. And so it goes, we begin to think about some of things we’d like to change about “last year” and we make our resolutions and our goals for the new one. It’s the go-to move that we all seem to practice. It’s the time when we take that opportunity that can allow you to recharge yourself and plan for success. Continue reading

Gratitude & Kindness All Year Long

Being so close to our winter holidays, I’ve decided today to diverge from my usual financial topics to write about something closer to the heart: gratitude and kindness.

The holiday season tends to fly by in a rush each year, and then suddenly, before you can say “hot cocoa”, the holidays are here. Traditions and holiday moments can slow things down a bit, and so can moments of gratitude and kindness to friends and strangers.  But overall, the holiday season moves too quickly and in a flash, the winter doldrums takes its place.

As we approach the holidays, gratitude and kindness are in the spirit of the season. It's important to keep those going all year long.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Well, I mean the holiday season will still fly by, but once the holidays have passed doesn’t mean we need to let go of the joy. In fact, I’d highly recommend you take advantage of that age-old tradition of making new years resolutions (except replace resolutions with goals) to make sure that the rest of the year is as merry and bright. Continue reading

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Whether you've wanted to start a blog or already have one, now's the time to take advantage of SiteGround's Black Friday sale on premium quality hosting. Continue reading

President-Elect Trump and Your Financial Future

This week is Thanksgiving in the USA and we have a lot of things to thankful for, both for living here in this country and in our own family life. But do we take the time to think about those things? There is at least one day of the year we try to do it and that day is Thanksgiving. It’s a great time to take stock of you fortunes and your blessings and share with your family. Sure, we all have problems, but we also had so many things to be grateful for don’t we? That makes it a very important day.

With a new incoming administration, the US faces quite a bit of uncertainty. Here are some of the considerations that will affect your financial future.

But having said that, the dust hasn’t yet settled on the 2016 presidential election and it’s clear to see that there is a lot of uncertainty in our social, political and economic future. The election of Donald Trump to the presidency, an idea that a year ago seemed more like only a comedy bit on SNL than a possibility, is now a comedy bit on SNL about our next president! That has put a cloud of uncertainty over us. That cloud has a lot of people, about half of all Americans, worried about what path the country will be taking over the next 4 years. For many, those concerns are social and political in nature. But financially speaking, there are big concerns that can affect everyone no matter what your situation is or on which side of the political spectrum you stand upon. What will you financial future look like? Continue reading

Small Is the New Big – Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The other day I went to my cardiologist for a routine follow-up visit (if cardio issues can ever be routine that is) after my recent required stress test. As they usually do when I visit, I got weighed and they also measured my height. To my surprise, I discovered I am shrinking! I have always thought and told people that I am 5’10” whenever my height was asked or required to be put down on a form. For Pete’s sake, it says I’m 5’10” on my driver’s license, so it must be true. But last week I discovered that I am actually getting smaller. I measured 5’9½” and I had to face the reality of it. I am the incredible shrinking man! After that surprise, I wondered…is it possible that small is the new big?

While we like to think that "bigger is better", small is the new big. Downsizing helps us to live healthier, wealthier, happier lives.It gave me pause to think about the concept of smaller versus bigger. I know I’m a little weird, but I digress. I have to admit, I can’t think of any reason why shrinking at my age is a good thing but it made me wonder exactly why we are seemingly obsessed with the concept of “bigger is always better”. I have been guilty of that thinking on more than a rare occasion for sure, but now that I practice the concept of being “older and wiser” I do see things in a little (pardon my pun) different way. Continue reading

How Much Will Financial Issues Influence Your 2016 Vote?

We’re coming into the home stretch of one of the most important and memorable election campaigns in our lifetime. History has already been made as we have the first women presidential nominee (in a major party) and that alone is a historic event. But that isn’t all. This time around our nation is facing so many important and troubling things and it’s easy to see why the coverage, discussion and almost obsession about the election have been all over the media ad nauseam. With all this noise, will financial issues in the 2016 election make a difference?

Will financial issues in the 2016 election influence your vote? Or is it about issues of character and trust? What's important when you cast your ballot?

General Issues in the 2016 Election

Under normal conditions we’d be only talking about issues like the candidates tax policies, government spending, the national debt, creating new jobs, our major national security issues and the immigration problems. Continue reading

My Bank Account Was Hacked – Is Yours Next?

A hacked bank account…basically identity theft. You may not ever think it will happen to you. It can’t happen to you, can it? It only happens to those other people, right? Or maybe the DNC, or Target stores, or someone who is really, really careless about their information, or I just dunno…anyone but me!

My finances were rolling right along until I hit a wall...a hacked bank account. Read my tale of woe and find out how to prevent it from happening to you.

Well hello. Wake up call, it has happened to me. I got hacked and boy does that send chills though my system. I got the call, literally, the wakeup call just last week and it was not fun. For the past 9 days I’ve been in a mental turmoil here wondering who, what, when, where, and why? How could this happen to me? Continue reading

Making Money at the Flea Market

Earning extra money can help just about anyone deal with the pressures of trying to make ends meet these days. If you have a job, even a good job, getting a pay raise has been tough over the past few years. It’s been so tough that side hustles, a way of earning extra cash, have become pretty common. It may be a cure for a specific financial problem (like getting out of debt), or it may be the way to get ahead long term. And even better, it can be fun and fulfilling too!

Making money at the flea market can supplement a full-time income and help you balance your budget. Here are some tips on making the most of your sales.


My own experience comes from something I did for several years…making money at the flea market. Continue reading

The YOLO Lifestyle: Understanding Its Promise and Its Danger

You only live once! That’s a phrase that’s being used more and more often these days, particularly by the younger generation. I’ve been finding it in books, articles, and the vernacular I hear from millennials almost every day these days.  It has led me to try and get a handle on exactly the behavior and the mentality of the YOLO lifestyle. What is it? How is it different from what I think and do? What exactly can happen when you practice it seriously? Does it work? So many questions and I’m guessing a lot of different answers as well.

The YOLO Lifestyle: Understanding Its Promise and Its Danger

As a senior citizen, I have the ability to look back on my own life and think about my own approach to the YOLO mentality. I admit it’s not very scientific, but I don’t think that many of us grow up thinking to ourselves about our own mortality and the limits that we may have put on our lives.  We don’t think of the how, where, when, and if we will be forced to compromise our dreams and hopes. A least, as a young person, we all seem to think that the world is our oyster and we are invincible, don’t we? Continue reading

The Scary Unproductive Attitudes That Sabotage Your Work

If you have ever wondered why so many people aren’t successful at becoming financially healthy, wealthy and wise in the real world, you may have discovered that a lot of people are adept at the practice and behavior of being unproductive. After so many years of working in business, I think I’ve seen and heard just about every kind of excuse making for lack of productivity there is to be had. Those attitudes are pretty easy to spot in people and it matters not if you are a co-worker or the supervisor; it adds nothing to your day and hinders everyone around. In fact, it’s scary in the ways it can affect a business and even affect you, a productive dedicated employee.

The Scary Unproductive Attitudes That Sabotage Your Work

In past posts, we’ve talked about how you can be more successful, earn more, and get ahead in your career and thus your advancement on the road to financial health and wealth. Actions like going the extra mile, not being a clock watcher, and contributing your ideas to help solve problems will put you on that track every time. If you’re not careful, the unproductive people you see every day, or your own unproductive attitudes, can pull you into their karma and have you spinning your wheels just as they do. Continue reading